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Your BtVS & Angel Appearance News & Info. Site

The most comprehensive source for tv, film, and Internet appearances
by Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel cast members, recurring guest stars, and creative staff.

To say I am a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a huge understatement.  I am a Buffyholic.

According to the creator/writer/executive producer/G-d behind BtVS, Joss Whedon, the show is X-Files meets My So-Called Life. I say it is X-Files meets My So-Called Life meets Clueless meets Romeo & Juliet meets Face/Off meets Friends meets The Odyssey meets Scream.

Don't take my word for it... check it out on Tuesdays at 8pm on the WB.  And then, don't turn the channel; watch Angel at 9pm!

Why this site?  After too many times of finding out about a talk show appearance by a BtVS actor after the fact, I thought it time that there be one place where I and others could go to find out the scoop on upcoming appearances.  And so the appearances page was born.  While I was at it, I thought I'd also provide other appearance news & information.  Welcome!

Appearances Calendar
Find out when and where your favorite BtVS & Angel stars and recurring guest stars will be appearing 
on TV (in guest stints, talk shows, films on tv) and chatting on the Internet.
In Theaters
Find out what films the actors
are in currently or can be seen in soon.
News & Information
Find out, actor-by-actor, what the actors have done and are doing in film and on tv. Learn some interesting tidbits about the guest stars.
Did You Know?
Learn some interesting tidbits about the guest stars, 
including their links to the stars and each other.
From Sunnydale To...
A "Where Are They Now?" Section
Chat & Interview Transcripts
Episodes - Coming soon
Buffyholism Links - Coming soon
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