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From Sunnydale To...
A "Where Are They Now?" Section
for Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel*

 *Angel doesn't take place in "Sunnydale", I know

Not comprehensive, but highlights tv shows and movies in which you might have seen/ will see 
former Sunnydale denizens or visitors.
Key: Starring/Recurring Role    One-shot Guest/Smaller Role    Current/Recent Appearance 
Other Post-B/A Appearance     TV    Movie

Buffy the Vampire Slayer List
Season 1 (1997) List  (based on when they first appeared)      Season 2 (1997-98) List
Season 3 (1998-99) List      Season 4 (1999-2000) List    Season 5 (2000-2001)

Angel List
Season 1 (1999-2000) List    Season 2 (2000-2001)

Former Sunnydale Denizens

Name Character Episode From Sunnydale To
Julie Benz Darla Several S1 & S2 eps Payne (spring '99)
The King of Queens
I Know What You
A Fate Totally Worse...
Mark Metcalf The Master Several S1 & S3 eps Ally McBeal
Star Trek: Voyager
Drive Me Crazy
Eric Balfour Jesse Welcome.../
The Harvest
Dawson's Creek
Can't Hardly Wait
Ken Lerner Principal Flutie Several S1 eps The Practice
Dharma & Greg
Chicago Hope
Brian Thompson Luke & The Judge Welcome/The Harvest; Surprise, Innocence The X-Files
Elizabeth Anne Allen Amy The Witch; several since Bull
William Monaghan Dr. Gregory The Witch
Teacher's Pet
The Practice
Party of Five
Robin Riker Catherine Madison The Witch Sliders
Any Day Now
Days of Our Lives
Mars and Beyond
Musetta Vander Miss French/
Teacher's Pet Star Trek: Voyager
The Wild, Wild West
Secret Agent Man
The Cell
O Brother, Where Art Thou?
Christopher Wiehl Owen Never Kill... Date Can't Hardly Wait
Any Day Now
Girl (UK)
Cold Hearts
Eion Bailey Kyle, one of ... The Pack Significant Others
Dawson's Creek
The Fight Club
Center Stage
Almost Famous
The Young Unkowns
Seven and a Match
Brian Gross Tor, one of... The Pack Wind on the Water
Jennifer Sky Heidi, one of... The Pack Xena...
Cleopatra 2525
Robia LaMorte Jenny Calendar Many S1- S3 eps Rescue 77
Time of Your Life
Chad Lindberg Dave I Robot, You Jane The X-Files
Mercury Rising
City of Angels
October Sky
Jeremy Foley Billy Palmer Nightmares Touched by an Angel
Caitlin's Way
Clea DuVall Marcie, aka... Invisible Girl/
Out of Mind, 
Out of Sight
Can't Hardly Wait
She's All That
The Faculty
The Astronaut's Wife
Girl, Interrupted
See Jane Run
But I'm a Cheerleader
Chosts of Mars
Brent Jennings Absalom When She Was Bad E.R.
Don King: Only in America
A Lesson Before Dying
Michael Bacall Eric Some Assembly... The Norm Show
Urban Legends: Final Cut
Angelo Spizzirri Chris Epps Some Assembly... Groove
Ara Celi Ampata aka... Inca Mummy Girl All My Children
American Beauty (tiny bit)
From Dusk Till Dawn 3
Jason Hall Devon Many S2-S4 eps Providence
Danny Strong Jonathan Many S2 & S3 eps Pleasantville
I Know What You
Greg Vaughn Richard Reptile Boy Charmed
Todd Babcock Tom Warner Reptile Boy Frasier
Star Trek: Voyager
Gods and Monsters
Poor White Trash
Jordana Spiro Callie Anderson Reptile Boy From Dusk Till Dawn 3
Robin Sachs Ethan Rayne Several S2 & S3 eps Galaxy Quest
Jason Behr Ford Lie To Me Seventh Heaven
Dawson's Creek
Jarrad Paul Diego/ Marvin Lie To Me Action
Kelly Connell Norman Pfister What's My Line? Chicago Hope
Ally McBeal
The Practice
Bianca Lawson Kendra WML/ Becoming 1 Primary Colors
Silk Stalkings
The Temptations
Dawson's Creek
Save the Last Dance
Feast of All Saints
Saverio Guerra Willy the bartender Several S2 & S3 eps The Summer of Sam
Blue Streak
Sam the Man
John Ritter Ted Ted lots o' stuff, incl.
Ally McBeal
Vincent Schiavelli Uncle Enyos Surprise/Innocence lots o' stuff
Jack Conley Cain Phases JAG
Mercury Rising
The Cell
Christopher Gorham James Stanley I Only Have Eyes... Popular
Meredith Salenger Grace Newman I Only Have Eyes... Sour Grapes
Lake Placid
The Third Wheel
The Grownups
Conchata Ferrell Nurse Greenleigh Go Fish Friends
Erin Brockovich
Jeremy Garrett Cameron Walker Go Fish Get Real
Diagnosis Murder
Wentworth Miller Gage Petronzi Go Fish Popular
Shane West Sean Go Fish Liberty Heights
Once & Again
Whatever It Takes
A Time for Dancing
Getting Over Allison
Max Perlich Whistler Becoming 1/2 Lansky
Nash Bridges
The House on Haunted Hill
The Independent
Deuces Wild

Season 3 (1998-99) List      Season 4 (1999-2000) List    Season 5 (2000-2001)

Angel List
Season 1 (1999-2000) List    Season 2 (2000-2001)