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Did You Know?

Tidbits about the guest stars, including their links to the stars and each other.

From Guest Star to TV Regular
Among those tv shows starring former BtVS or Angel guest stars are...

Seen Them Before?
Guest stars in noticeable roles before their Buffy stint (See also the Links section):

Dawson's Creek-- The Popular Post-Buffy Gig?
Among the many guest stars of Dawson's Creek have been...

Past History
Links to Buffy co-stars:

Family Ties
Serena Scott Thomas (Gwendolyn Post in "Revelations", BtVS) is the sister of Kristin Scott Thomas (The English Patient, Random Hearts).

For the most complete listing of t.v. and film appearances by BtVS stars and guest stars, check out the IMDb entry for BtVS and Angel.

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