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From Sunnydale To...
A "Where Are They Now?" Section
for Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel*

 *Angel doesn't take place in "Sunnydale", I know


Name Character Episode From Sunnydale To
Carlos Jacott Ken Anne She's All That
Being John Malcovich
Ally McBeal
Chad Todhunter Ricky Anne Never Been Kissed
Brokedown Palace
Party of Five
Nancy Lenehan Pat Dead Man's Party Pleasantville
Dharma & Greg
Fab Filippo Scott Hope Several S3 eps Providence
K. Todd Freeman Mr. Trick Several S3 eps The Cider House Rules
John Patrick White Pete Beauty & the Beasts Teaching Mrs. Tingle
Galaxy Quest
Danielle Weeks Debbie Beauty & the Beasts Party of Five
Phill Lewis Mr. Platt Beauty & the Beasts Party of Five
Mad About You
What Planet Are You From?
Family Law
Harry Groener The Mayor Many S3 eps The West Wing
Manna From Heaven
Jack Plotnick Deputy Mayor
Allen Finch
Several S3 eps Gods and Monsters
Say It Isn't So
Serena Scott Thomas Gwendolyn Post Revelations Relax... It's Just Sex
The World Is Not Enough
Skeleton Woman
Suzanne Krull Magic shop clerk Lover's Walk Go
The Next Best Thing
How the Grinch Stole... 
Nicole Bilderback Cordette #1 The Wish Bring It On
A Fate Totally Worse...
Cornelia H.O'Herlihy Margaret Amends Gods and Monsters
Jordan Baker Sheila Rosenberg Gingerbread Chicago Hope
Jeff Kober Kralik Helpless Charmed
Harris Yulin Quentin Travers Helpless Cradle Will Rock
The Hurricane
The X-Files
The Virginian (2000)
Channon Roe Jack O'Toole The Zeppo Jack & Jill
Psycho Beach Party
Ethan Erickson Percy West Several S3 & S4 eps The In Crowd
Keram Malicki-Sánchez Freddy Earshot Drive Me Crazy
Cherry Falls
John Q
At Seventeen
Katharine Towne Sunday The Freshman The In Crowd
But I'm a Cheerleader
What Lies Beneath
Town & Country
Mulholland Drive
Lindsay Crouse Prof. Maggie Walsh Several S4 eps Almost Salinas
Adam Kaufman Parker Abrams Several S4 eps Dawson's Creek
Paige Moss Veruca Several S4 eps JAG
Killer Instinct
Bailey Chase Graham Several S4 eps
Leonard Roberts Forrest Several S4 eps
George Hertzberg Adam Several S4 eps

Buffy the Vampire Slayer List
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Angel List
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